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When any New York-based company's finances require outside evaluation, Five Pillars Tax & Insurance Services is the first choice. Our team of professional, thorough financial investigators can lead you through the steps necessary to demonstrate the financial health of your business. Depending on the depth of the investigation required, we offer several different accounting services with different degrees of professional assurance to our New York clients.

AuditsAudits are our most in depth and thorough financial investigations which provide the highest degree of assurance. The goal of an audit is for our auditors to offer an opinion about the fairness of your business's financial statements. We will study your company's records, assets, documents, and make inquiries about your company's financial dealings both within and outside of the company. After gathering sufficient evidence, and if our auditors have found no evidence of misstatements, we will offer professional assurance that your company's financial documents are correct and in order.

Reviews Reviews are a less rigorous investigation than audits. We study your financial records and conduct inquiries to ensure that your records are conforming to appropriate guidelines, but do not conduct any in depth investigation into the accuracy of the financial statements. A review does not allow us to offer as much assurance as a full audit does, but this may be enough for clients in many situations.

CompilationsCompilations are the most basic level of accounting service we offer. We simply help you compile and sort your financial information to prepare financial statements, without offering any assurance about the accuracy or fairness of the statements. Compilations are frequently prepared for internal use by a company's management or for income tax purposes.

Regardless of the level of assurance you require, Five Pillars Tax & Insurance Services is the number one choice for New York businesses. Our extremely accomplished accountants will perform the services you request, efficiently and thoroughly. Contact us today.